Made it on 1 liter of vodka, barely.

It was not easy, but I made it through with the one liter of vodka.  I was a little surprised at myself that I picked up the liter about noon on Thursday while I was out on an appointment, but did not have shot until about 9:00pm and I only had one.  I had about 6 oz on Friday night but went a little over planned on Saturday.  Considering I only had about 5 oz left on Sunday, that means I drank about 20 oz on Saturday. The problem as always when I go over is that I started too early on Saturday having my first shot around 1pm.  Since I spread it out over 8 hours, I never got too buzzed, but I was a little disappointed in myself for drinking that much in one day.

Plus, the left me with not as much as I would have liked for Sunday.  My wife and I went with our daughter to a Christmas show at 10am Sunday. While too early for most to drink, I took one good 2 ½ oz shot before going in and I did enjoy it. It helped me to relax a little. That left me with only 2 ½ oz more for the rest of the day and that was tough. I was tempted many times to pick up more and was actually trying to figure out a plan to slip away to pick up more. But, in the end I held off.  I waited until about 8pm to take the final shot in one gulp to relax before going to bed and it felt good.

I have been talking about the pros and cons of spreading the liter out vs. drinking it over a 3 day period. Another reason to consolidate it is that I feel better today because I drank the bulk of the vodka early in the week.  Another feeling common as of late is that I was feeling deprived again yesterday.  We went to lunch at a nice restaurant after the show and others were drinking wine, bloody mary’s, cold beer etc, and I really wanted one.   On Friday, on the way home from a business appt, I passed a local restaurant/bar and actually stopped to gaze in the window at the people in the bar and thought to myself how nice it would be to simply walk in, sit at the bar and have a nice cold beer.  Oh well, maybe someday, or not.


6 Responses to “Made it on 1 liter of vodka, barely.”

  1. Sum Zero Says:

    Hi there. I found your blog because someone had mentioned mine in a comment (thanks for the shout out) and suddenly a bunch of clicks were coming from here.

    I really look forward to reading about your struggle, because I can completely relate. It ain’t easy, as they say, but everyone has to figure out on their own how to do it. At least, that’s my opinion.

    Best of luck to you!

  2. InTheSameBoat Says:

    Did you see this?,0,3127580,full.story

    Two key points:
    1) AA is outdated. People can come up with individual plans to control their drinking.

    2) A summary of what’s known about current genetic factors. It does appear that they are isolating the genes that lead to alcohol abuse and dependence.

    • alcoholicstruggle Says:

      Very interesting, thanks for sending. I myself have been somewhat brainwashed in AA. Maybe there is hope for me yet in being able to control my drinking indefinitely. I am at about 22 drinks per week and the study says I should be no higher than 14, not that far off. I bet you a lot of people see this study as dangerous in that it might keep people who should be abstaining from doing so, maybe I am one of them.

      • InTheSameBoat Says:

        I think the key observation is that it’s up to you (not your higher power or anyone or anything else) to decide if you should be abstaining from alcohol or moderating it . Certainly, you can turn to others for advice but it’s on you to execute.

        One of the biggest helps for me was a discussion on Sum-Zero’s blog about the cost-benefit analysis of drinking. It was such a simple concept, but one that escaped me: making decisions about drinking the same way one would make business decisions. Whodathunkit? I assessed the positives and the negatives of my “moderation plan” and decided that the negatives outweighed the positives. So now I’m abstaining… It was a simple “business” decision….

        Have you thought about your liter-a-week rule and other drinking plans using more formal methods of analysis?

      • alcoholicstruggle Says:

        “Have you thought about your liter-a-week rule and other drinking plans using more formal methods of analysis?”
        No I haven’t, but maybe I should. I will take another look at that sum zero website.

  3. Sum Zero Says:

    Hi there. About AA: I’ve never tried it, so I don’t really feel that I have the right to weigh in. I will say that some of the core concepts that I knew about bothered me, which is why I googled “alternatives to AA” and found SMART Recovery.

    About my blog: It’s just my story about SMART and putting REBT (Rational Emotive Behavior Therapy) practices to work in my own life, which is what SMART is based on. I talk about a lot of the tools and link back to them on the SMART site. If you want it straight from the horse’s mouth, as they say, check out:

    I hope you find it helpful!

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