half way to 30 days sober

Well, almost half way to my 30 days of abstaining, it will be 15 days at 6:00pm tonight.  Last night was interesting.  I said in my last post that the only reason I could think of for not doing a 30 was that I wanted to drink last night which was the end of my original 2 weeks.  The other part of that was that I had plans to go out with a couple of high school buddies for drinks last night.   I thought in advance that it would have been nice to have a couple of drinks with them.  However, after some more thinking about it, I realized that there will be no time in the next 12 months where there will be a 30 day period where I will not find a reason to drink. There will always be something.

Last night I got to the restaurant a little after my friends who had already ordered drinks.  I tried to discretely order a NA beer from the server. I turned away from the group and told her to bring me a NA beer in a glass thinking she would understand. She didn’t’. She brought the bottle back to the table and poured it into a glass in front of the table.  Luckily, the others were engaged in chatting and I don’t think anyone noticed. Later she came back to see who wanted another drink and asked me in front of everyone if I wanted another beer. She said the name, but I don’t remember it, it was some type of NA import. Again, I don’t think anyone noticed. However, I thought to myself that these servers ought to be trained that some people that drink NA beer would like to be discreet.

Anyway, the night was easy and I was glad I didn’t drink. Surprisingly, I had no cravings and did not miss it at all. I think it was because I have already prepared myself for the mindset of a 30. When I got home at 10:15, my wife and daughter were still awake reading a book. I hopped in bed with them to say prayers.  It sure was a relief and less stressful to not have to hide the alcohol on my breath.  I sensed that my wife was checking me out anyway.  My eyes were a little red from walking home in the cold and that is the one way my wife would be able to tell I was drinking. I don’t know what she thought and really don’t care as I was sober.  That NA beer I had was really good by the way.  It tasted as good as a regular beer. I need to stop back by that restaurant to get the name.

 3 weekends sober, wow !!!


4 Responses to “half way to 30 days sober”

  1. JW Says:

    Ah, NA beers! I’ve tried a few, and the best one I’ve found is Warsteiner. Not sure how easy they are to find, because after some time sober, drinking NA beer didn’t really make sense. Actually, it has nothing to do with being sober, beer (even NA!) makes me crave a cigarette, which I’ve been struggling to quit.

    I have had several outings over the past few years where I ordered NA beer, and I can’t think of one time that anyone else noticed.

    Good job last night! Whether you choose to quit entirely, moderate, etc, going to an event or venue where you’d typically drink, and not doing so, is a big step. When I first stopped drinking, presumably forever, one of my biggest hangups was these types of future events. How would I ever go to a ballgame, hang out with friends at a bar, go to a wedding, and not drink? I’ve done all of those things, and have found them to be just as enjoyable, if not more so, than I did when drinking. Yeah, I have cravings, and there moments that I want to have that scotch on the rocks, that champagne toast, but they’re usually fleeting.

    Best thing is, I wake up without a hangover, and with a heavier wallet and actual memories of the night before.

    Keep up the good work, man. You took a big step last night!

  2. Cathy Says:

    Good luck & keep trying! Odolos, becks have na beer-you can find others in supermakets. Im day 1 again-attempting 30days no alochol.

    • alcoholicstruggle Says:

      Hi Cathy, thanks for the post and good luck with your 30 days dry. I do drink NA beer. I have found some very good ones, but they are often quite expensive. Funny how I don’t mind paying more for beer with alcohol in it, but for NA beer I don’t want to pay too much. I usually drink O’Douls. Not very complex, but refreshing in the summer heat. Probably have around a 6 pack a week. Even my wife joined me with one last night.

  3. Terri Says:

    Hey and good for you! Today makes 15 days for me. But be careful with the N/A beer it does contain alcohol. The one I bout was O DOULS and it did have some alcohol in it. So just a heads up check the label. And good luck with your sobriety.

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