Wine or Beer vs. Vodka ???

I consider last week another successful week with 15 drinks.

What was interesting was that on Friday night, I had only 2 glasses of wine and was completely content. That might not sound like a big deal to many people, but my wife and daughter were out for the evening, I had plenty of vodka, wine and beer in the house, but found myself completely satisfied with the 2 glasses of wine.  And, I did not set out to limit myself to only 2.  I figured I would have about 4 drinks.

 I have mentioned this before, but there is a big difference between drinking wine or beer and drinking shots of vodka, at least for me.  I am sure I would have also been satisfied with 2 beers.  Would it have been the same with 2 vodka mixed drinks?  I am not sure.

On the other hand, I know that if I started with the vodka, 2 shots would not have been enough. Is it because I had a drink with me for 2 hours (the amount it took to drink the wine) and always had a sip at arms length?  Is it the action of simply drinking or that a little alcohol was consumed at a steady pace? Could I possibly be morphing into a normal drinker?

Furthermore, I had a little bit of a buzz.  I drank the first glass (and they were 2 measured 5 oz glasses) in about a half hour, then nursed the other over almost an hour and a half.  I am sure I would not have had the same buzz with 2 shots of vodka.  I guess my BAC would have been the same, but the effect was different.

Sunday night was a similar situation.  I had 2 glasses of wine at a party and was completely content.  I will admit, my wife was with me and that influenced my drinking, but I was OK with it.  But, then like most weeks, I had a shot of vodka when I got home after the party. Why, because I was only at 14 drinks for the week and I could.


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8 Responses to “Wine or Beer vs. Vodka ???”

  1. Dan Says:

    When i drank Beer. for the most part i was under control.Vodka was my downfall.Beer always made me hungry.As where vodka supressed my appetite.Beer would get me full before i could get really drunk.Im convinced that had I stuck with beer.My health wouldnt have deteriated like it did when I got on vodka.Because at least on beer, I ate well.My beer drinking never got passed 12 beers a day.alot i know. but with vodka.It was a 1.75 ltter a day.Plus more drinks at the tavern

    • Carrie Says:

      Up until about 6 weeks ago I drank a liter a day of Vodka a night. Within the past year i have had pancreatitis and gastrititis. I got off the Vodka over a month ago and am drinking wine now. Mentaly I feel like my old self before I started drinking real heavy. But I’m worried the wine will make me fat!!

  2. Sara Says:

    I have recently admitted to myself that I have a drinking problem. Without going into a long story, I got a DWI, hit a parked car (thank god no one was hurt), woke up in jail with absolutely no recollection of what happened. I blew a 2.94…ouch. I have never been daily drinker, but drink at least twice a week. I would consider myself more of a binge drinker. When I drink, it is usually a 5th (750 ml) of Vodka within about a 6 hour period or 2-750ml bottles of wine in about the same amount of time. Although there are days, weekends, that I will all day. There have been several other bad events that have happened, but this last one really scared me. My problem is, I enjoy drinking and hate the thought of NEVER drinking again. I would like to be able to drink socially like you are describing and limit myself. I have tried since the latest incident, but I never seem satisfied and end up having someone drive me to get more alcohol. Any suggestions? You seem to be getting your drinking under control.

    • alcoholicstruggle Says:

      Everyone is different and we each must find our own way. For me, the first step I took when I felt like I had crossed the line is I went for help. Because I was a daily drinker for many years, a doctor kind of scared me into detox. The fear was that I would have withdrawals that could cause major sickness or even death. So, I checked myself into a detox facility for 5 days and detoxed under the care of a doctor and used librium. For there I went to AA and stayed sober for 3 months. Then, all physical problems were out of the way. However, like you, I could not envision a life without alchohol. So, I started drinking again on my own, and failed. I then went back to AA and went sober again for almost 8 months. Again, I went out drinking on my own and again it did not go well. Finally, I discovered and got some help, not with abstaining this time but moderating. The key for me was to set limits on how much I can drink weekly. For me it is at least 3 sober days a week and no more than 15 drinks in a week. During this time, I also had to figure out what my triggers were and be wary of them. So far it seems to be working. I have been moderating now for 10 months. This is the short version of what happened to me and where I am now. I wish you good luck.

  3. InTheSameBoat Says:

    Hey ADS,
    Today’s my 1-year anniversary of my last drink.

    Al K Hall was kind enough to publish my “manifestive” here:

    I figured you’d be interested, at least because I mentioned your blog.


    • alcoholicstruggle Says:

      Congratulations ITSB, that is a great accomplishment. I actually feel kind of pround since I knew you while you were still drinking and have followed your progress. The post was well written, entertaining and thought provoking. Interesting, I too when I am at a party and not drinking, drift off to play with the kids, great escape.

      • InTheSameBoat Says:


        I’ve found being dry to be a relatively easy thing to do, after you gain the momentum. (And get past the post-acute withdrawal syndrome.) For any given situation, no matter how stressful or how much a drink would be nice, the answer is clear cut: don’t drink.

        Your situation is much harder. There are well over 15 times during the week where a drink would seem a natural thing for me. It would be hard for me to decide when it is appropriate to have a couple and when it wouldn’t be…. I admire your ability to maintain control and pass up some opportunities, if they don’t seem safe.


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